Disco & Commercial Street/Jazz Classes

Disco / Street / Jazz Dance Classes in Sussex

A class for pupils to dance commercial-style street routines to R&B and current chart topping pop tunes, for 4½ year old children to teenagers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our pupils have opportunities to take ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Medal Test Examinations and to perform in shows.
The dance classes provide our children & teenagers with a working structure, an opportunity to learn correct dance technique and learn modern dance routines to the latest music.

They also have the opportunity to have their skills acknowledged, measured and logged by taking medal test examinations with the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) if they choose.

Without realising, our pupils are also learning many other skills. They learn how to retain and follow instructions, take control of their bodies and develop their motor skills in addition to improving their social skills and their ability to make new friends.

All these skills learnt through dance also help with their ability to learn and develop their problem solving skills at school and increase coordination/motor skills when applied to other sports.

I have two daughters dancing with Live Wire; they have not been there very long, but I have already seen their movements and concentration improve along with their confidence and enthusiasm.

Everyone is really friendly and the girls really enjoy being part of the group.

Zoé Pannett (Mum to Isla 7 and Erin 4)

The Live Wire School of Dance aims to provide a relaxed and fun environment for children and teenagers of all ages and abilities to learn and enjoy the experience of dance. The ability to express and move to music is a wonderful skill, which when developed can give children and teenagers tremendous confidence.

The classes are structured in a way that develops our pupils’ understanding of different types of popular music and rhythms. Dances can vary from Disco & Street to Popping, Locking, Latin and Jazz and at the higher grades, classical work!

No matter what the ability level of the child or teenager, there is always something that they can learn & achieve from dance and every child at The Live Wire School of Dance is encouraged to dance at their own level with the option of taking ISTD Medal Test Examinations.

I have been a part of Live Wire School of Dance since the age of 8. I have always thoroughly enjoyed dancing with the Live Wires, taking part in the competitions, shows and the exams. I am now a fully qualified teacher and although I am not a part of the Live Wires as much as I would like to be, I will never fully leave.

I have a lot to thank Sarah and Elizabeth for: not only did they teach me everything I know, but they helped build my confidence and give me extra experience in teaching which I will be forever grateful for. I helped teach the younger members of the school for 5-6 years whilst at college and university and this has helped form the teacher I am today.

Not only have I learnt to dance and teach with Sarah and Elizabeth, but over the years they have supported me, encouraged me and become life long friends.

Kelly – Disco & Commercial Street / Zumba student


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