Modern Line Dancing

Modern Line Dancing Classes in Sussex

Modern Line Dancing for All Ages & Abilities to Popular & Fun Music from the different eras. A great way to Dance, Have Fun, Get Fit & Make New Friends! Modern Line Dancing is an off-shoot of Line Dancing, Disco, Ballroom, Latin American, Rock’n’Roll & Salsa and other dance styles all combined into one!

Sarah has created her own brand of teaching which targets all age groups with a fun, achievable and modern style of dancing which appeals to all age groups from teenagers to pensioners in their 70’s +. In fact, all ages can take part in the same class. She feels that it enables her to cater for all ages, abilities and needs, whilst providing a very social environment, which is important to so many people.

Her classes are carefully structured to allow progression and people can join in at their own level, whatever their age. Beginners are always welcome. The instruction Sarah & her helpers provide is always intense, supportive and ongoing throughout the class.

Adaptations for physical difficulties and easier versions of dances are always made readily available during classes. This caters for different levels of ability and needs. Some of Sarah’s pupils have actually been referred to her classes by doctors, who see the benefit of this form of exercise for various medical conditions including heart and bone disorders.

Sarah finds the variety of rhythms & types of music used for Modern Line Dancing to be very stimulating to her class members. She uses a mixture of all types of music including chart toppers & favourites from the decades, Rock’n’Roll, Latin, R&B, Salsa, Swing etc. Basically any music that makes you “Feel Good”.

Sarah feels that good music increases the enjoyment of her pupils and encourages them to experiment by using their bodies, and developing their own styles, which is one of the main aims of dance.

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